ISEC Wealth Management Limited, has established and implemented an effective and transparent procedure for the reasonable and prompt handling of complaints and grievances received from Clients.

1. Submitting your Complaint

You may submit your complaint in writing and address it to the Compliance Department of ISEC Wealth Management Limited. Your Complaint will be directed to the Complaints Management, which is authorised to investigate and handle the complaints.

You are encouraged to use the Complaints Form attached herein and submit it in any of the following ways:

1. By sending by post or delivering in person the attached Complaints Form at the following address: 254 Arch.Leontiou A, Maximos Court, Block B, 6th floor, 3020 Limassol, Cyprus

2. By submitting the Complaints Form electronically at the following email address: Compliance@is-wm.com

3. By Facsimile at +357 25005324

2. Acknowledging your Complaint

We will acknowledge the receipt of your complaint within five (5) business days from the day we received your complaint. The Company will provide you with a unique reference number of your complaint. The unique reference number is an alpha-numeric code, which includes the code of the Investment firm, the year and the serial number. The unique reference number should be used in all of your future communications with the Company, the Financial Ombudsman and/or Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (“CySEC”) regarding the specific complaint.

3. Handling of your Complaint

Once we acknowledged a receipt of your complaint, we will review it carefully, investigate the circumstances surrounding your complaint and will try to resolve it without undue delay.

We shall make every effort to investigate your complaint and provide you with the outcome of our investigation within two (2) months from the date you have submitted your complaint to us. During the investigation process we will keep you updated on the handling process of your complaint. One of our officers may contact you directly (including communication by email or phone) in order to obtain further clarifications and information relating to your complaint. We will require your full cooperation in order to expedite the investigation and possible resolution of your complaint.

In the event that your complaint requires further investigation and we cannot resolve it within two (2) months, we will issue a holding response in writing or in another durable medium. When a holding response is sent, it will indicate the causes of the delay and the time, when the Company’s investigation is likely to be completed. In any event, we shall provide you with the outcome of our investigation no later than one (1) month from the issuing of the holding response, depending on the complexity of the case and your cooperation.

4. Final Decision

You will be informed on the Company’s final decision in respect of your official complaint and you will receive an explanation of the outcome. The Company will suggest remedial measures that it intends to take, which will lead to a mutual adequate result (if possible).

A. Contact Details of the Financial Ombudsman of the Republic of Cyprus:

Website: http://www.financialombudsman.gov.cy
Email: complaints@financialombudsman.gov.cy
Postal Address: P.O. BOX: 25735, 1311 Nicosia, Cyprus
Telephone: +35722848900
Fax: +35722660584, +35722660118

If you are not satisfied with the Company’s final decision you may contact the office of the Financial Ombudsman of the Republic of Cyprus and seek mediation for possible compensation. It is important that you contact the Financial Ombudsman of the Republic of Cyprus within four (4) months of receiving a final response from the Company otherwise the Financial Ombudsman of the Republic of Cyprus may not be able to deal with your complaint.

In the unlikely event that the Company was unable to provide you with a final response within the three (3) month time period specified above you may contact the office of the Financial Ombudsman of the Republic of Cyprus again, but no later than four (4) months after the date when we ought to have provided you with our final decision.

B. Contact Details of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission:

Website: http://www.cysec.gov.cy
General email: info@cysec.gov.cy
Postal Address: P.O. BOX 24996, 1306 Nicosia, Cyprus
Telephone: +35722506600
Fax: +35722506700

You may submit your complaint to the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. However, please note that the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission does not have restitution powers and therefore does not investigate individual complaints.

It is understood that your right to take legal action remains unaffected by the existence or use of any complaints procedures referred to above.



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